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The revolution is in full swing and Madame Guillotine’s blade chops night and day. But on the perilous streets of Paris, whispers abound that a mysterious band of Englishmen are helping French aristos to escape, led by a flamboyant masked hero.

But who is this elusive and reckless daredevil? This Christmas, help us uncover the real identity of that master of disguise, the famed Scarlet Pimpernel!

The Scarlet Pimpernel comes to you from the team behind last year’s Little Mermaid. Blackadder meets The Incredibles in a laugh-out-loud comedic romp jam-packed with elaborate hoaxes, buffoonery and nincompoops. In a world where men dress as women, and women dress as men, nothing is as it seems.

With plenty of song, outrageous fashion, intrigue and derring-do, this swashbuckling tale is the perfect festive treat. Just be careful not to lose your head!


Co directed Emma Earle & Joe Hufton
Designed by Zoe Squire
Adapted by Christopher William Hill
Composer Jack Drewry
Sound design Jon Everett
Co Produced With egg Bath Theatre Royal


Dominic Allen

Emile Clarke

Phillipa Hogg

Laura Matthews

Dan Wheeler

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Father Christmas 2_Zoe Squire