Thousands of leagues deep beneath the sea, a shipwrecked 1950s cruise liner is the grand palace where five little mermaids live - but don't imagine this is going to be a pink and frilly princess story...

Unlike her sisters who are happy with a life of dances, duty and dignitaries, Morgan is sick of swimming in sync.

Thrillingly magical, breathtakingly visual, hilarious and mischievous, Little Mermaid promises an amazing family adventure, all set to a shimmering soundtrack of classic 80s pop.

Co-devised by Pins and Needles Productions and Bea Roberts, Written by Bea Roberts.

Co-produced by the egg and Pins and Needles Productions


Little Mermaid - Anna Wheatley

Eloise - Caroline Garland

Ronan - Emile Clarke

Laura - Georgia Frost

Grandmama - Jordan Whyte

Celeste - Meghan Treadway

Hugo - Timothy O'Hara


Co-Directed by Emma Earle and

Cameron Carver

Designed by Zoe Squire

Music by Jack Drewry

Sound by Jon Everett

Lighting by Ric Mountjoy

Assistant Director - Abi Clarke

Assistant Designer - Charlotte Cooke



“Edifying, imaginative and passionate” ★★★★  The Stage


“Big in imagination, big in talent and big in ambition” ★★★★ Stagetalk


“Highly original and deliciously quirky... thoughtful and entertaining. This little mermaid gives familial expectations and fairytale cliches a thorough dunking” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian


“a gorgeous, generous, love-filled, treasure trove of a show that will stay with you and your family for many years to come” Bristol 24/7


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